What’s Dubai’s next big world record: A $5-billion man-made Dubai moon project!

What’s Dubai’s next big world record: A $5-billion man-made Dubai moon project!

Tuesday 23 May 2023Wed 16 Feb
What’s Dubai’s next big world record: A $5-billion man-made Dubai moon project!

Reach for the stars? No, Dubai aims to reach for the moon - quite literally!

After turning into a symbol of real estate, globally - Dubai isn’t just ruling with fantastic developments, incredible skyscrapers and other architectural marvels but has now proposed a $5-billion real estate project known as the Dubai moon project which focuses on bringing the moon down to Dubai - yes, we’re serious!

While Dubai’s real estate market is red-hot, it's a great time to drop more developments to keep those foreign investors and homeowners at the edge of their seats and this new project MOON by Canadian entrepreneur Michael Henderson is a 274 metre (900 ft) replica of the moon which would be standing on top of a 30 metre (100 ft) tower.

And, if you live in Dubai - this won’t sound unbelievable but rather pretty believable. We’ve got all the details - so let’s jump right into it…

What is the Dubai MOON project all about?

The Dubai moon project would be standing on top of a resort known as the ‘moon resort’ and would take 48-50 months to complete after breaking ground.

Dubai moon project and resort wouldn’t be an ordinary resort but rather have a world-class spa, nightclubs, Michelin-starred restaurants, a large events centre, a massive shopping and retail space, and ofcourse luxury residences.

Oh, and there would also be an impeccable ‘moon shuttle’ which would be a training space and service agency for astronauts, globally. Now that’s one moon project!

The Dubai moon project would also host 4,000 rooms, with a 10,000 sq.ft lunar corridor which would give visitors the chance to ‘walk on the moon’ quite literally. Best part, this Dubai moon project structure would be lit up at night and according to the moon, it would take the form of the crescent, half or full moon.

This would be a transformation for the real estate sector as the Dubai moon project and these luxury residences would be like no other. And, here’s what Lewis Allsopp has to say about it:

“Dubai is in a completely different world compared to 2009”, said Lewis Allsopp, the CEO of the prominent Dubai real estate agency Allsopp & Allsopp. “Launched products are selling out on the spot.” He added.

Just like Dubai - this project has attracted the eyes of the whole world and has been covered by over 370 global publications. This includes the likes of The New York Post, ABC News and more!

So, how impressive is that! And what are your thoughts on the Dubai moon project?

If you’re looking at investing in Dubai or making the move, get in touch with our in-house team and let us find you your dream home!

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