A guide for foreigners: How can you start applying for a job in Dubai?

A guide for foreigners: How can you start applying for a job in Dubai?

Thursday 22 June 2023Wed 16 Feb
A guide for foreigners: How can you start applying for a job in Dubai?

Have you been thinking about moving to Dubai?

Who could blame you, a city that’s a dream to most, with record-breakers after record-breakers and a lifestyle as attractive as the city itself - who wouldn’t want to call this fabulous place home?

So, have you been thinking about how to get a job in Dubai

Then hang tight as we’ve got our top tips on how to get a job in Dubai, let’s jump right into it…

Research the job market

The first thing you want to do is start studying up Dubai’s job market in order to find jobs in Dubai. Start by identifying industries and sectors that align with your skills, qualifications, and experience. Take the help of Linkedin, Indeed or Glassdoor to understand the market, the pay structure and of course read up on expected salaries as per the role. This will help you understand your value in the market.

Update your resume/CV

This is a no-brainer but tailor your resume/CV to highlight your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. Do this once you’ve understood what the job market in the UAE is searching for when it comes to your role. Ensure that your resume/CV adheres to the standards and preferences in the UAE. It is common to include a professional photo and mention personal details such as nationality, age, and skillset.


Network, network, network - Networking is crucial in Dubai's job market and to help you find a job in Dubai. Leverage Linkedin and other professional networking platforms to build connections with people in relevant roles or connect with hiring managers in companies that suit your industry. Attend job fairs if you’re in Dubai so you have a chance to connect with other professionals in Dubai, even if you can’t lock a job opportunities down right away - Building a network can provide you with insights, referrals, and potential job opportunities in the future!

Engage recruitment agencies

Consider partnering with reputable recruitment agencies that specialise in placing candidates in Dubai into the right roles - Perhaps Allsopp & Allsopp Recruitment?

Submit your resume/CV to these agencies and keep them informed about your job preferences. They can assist in matching your skills with suitable job opportunities and would keep your resume at hand even in the future to help you in finding the right role for you!

Online job portals

This one’s easy, we suggest searching for job opportunities on popular job portals in Dubai, such as Bayt, LinkedIn, Gulf Talent, or DubaiJobs.net. Where you can create a professional profile, upload your updated resume/CV, and actively search and apply for suitable job opportunities.

Although online job portals can take a little bit of time in getting back to you compared to recruiters, it's good to have your CV in multiple hands as it can open up doors for you in multiple places.

Directly apply to companies

Research companies in Dubai that align with your career goals and directly reach out to them. Visit their websites, check for career or job opportunities, and follow the application instructions provided. Sending a well-crafted cover letter along with your resume/CV can enhance your chances of standing out.

And directly applying to companies can increase your chances of being visible, as online portals are always secondary to direct applications.

Prepare for interviews

If you receive interview invitations, prepare for them thoroughly. Research the company, practise common interview questions, and be ready to highlight your skills, experiences, and cultural adaptability. Additionally, familiarise yourself with any cultural norms or expectations that may be relevant to job interviews in Dubai.

Follow up

After submitting applications or attending interviews, it's important to follow up with the employers or recruitment agencies. Send a polite thank-you note expressing your gratitude for the opportunity and reiterating your interest in the position. This helps as it lets them know you’re interested in the role and are actively looking.


If you’re actively hunting for roles in Dubai and are looking for recruiters to help you with your journey in Dubai, get in touch with our in-house recruitment team!

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