Dubai’s best real estate agents: The King of the hills!

Dubai’s best real estate agents: The King of the hills!

Friday 30 June 2023Wed 16 Feb
Dubai’s best real estate agents: The King of the hills!

We’re back with an exciting episode of Taking Care of Business: Agent Stories.

This time around our Operations Director, Paul Kelly is joined by Lettings Consultant, Joshua Menzies - also known as the King of Damac Hills.

So, let’s jump right into it…

Joshua is an ex-barber from Stockport who came to Dubai with absolutely no sales experience. Although he credits that having worked in a customer-focused role before, did most definitely help him settle into his new role.

He shares with Paul the simple but important reminder that knowing what your client is looking for is always key - even when under pressure.

Pressure to perform well is a hot topic across the industry - for obvious reasons.

So, how has Joshua found this?

During the pod, Joshua shares how pressure to perform actually helped him navigate his community of expertise, DAMAC Hills. He talks about how had to be vigilant and get on it, diving with both feet in.

Josh’s approach caught the attention of many of our senior team - Paul included. His communication, client-focused sales style, ethics, attitude and values all shined through!

Going back to those first few weeks with the company, Josh reflects on just how far he’s come!

At first, he just focused on adjusting, understanding and learning more about Dubai and the real estate market. Even spending a few days sleeping on a friend’s sofa while he figured out where to lie!

In this truly inspiring episode, Josh shares how he believes that if you work hard, keep your eye on the ball and understand your client - nothing can stop you from succeeding in the role.

He’s even launched his own YouTube channel to document the highs and lows of being a real estate agent in Dubai, which you can check out here: I’m Just Joshing

For Josh, working to meet the next target on the white board isn’t his goal but rather to put the right person in the right house is his goal.

An incredibly insightful episode for anyone thinking about moving to live and work in Dubai.

Keen to know more?

Tune into Taking Care of Business to hear more on Joshua’s journey!

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