What are the top interior design trends for homes in Dubai?

What are the top interior design trends for homes in Dubai?

Monday 03 July 2023Wed 16 Feb
What are the top interior design trends for homes in Dubai?

As the warm season rolls around, it comes as no surprise that you’d be planning ways to spend your time indoors. While some fly out, others house hunt or plan to redesign while browsing through the latest selection of Architectural Digest.

And if you are planning on utilising the long break in keeping busy and focusing on residential interior design - whether you’ve bought yourself a new property, a new rental or are just in the mood for a revamp, it's always fun designing and redecorating!

After spending so much time indoors during the pandemic, many of us have looked out for ways to turn our homes into the perfect solitude to spend our time in. So, you might be wondering what residential interior design trends are in the air and how you could adapt them to your home in Dubai - on a budget?

We’ve got the top residential interior design trends for homes in Dubai - that you can adapt on a budget:

Statement chandeliers

Who doesn’t love a little statement at home?

Especially when it comes to lights, chandeliers and lamps - don’t we all love a little flair? Lighting trends currently fall more on the warm spectrum as many people are adopting warmer hues and earthy tones at home, they’re moving away from fluorescent lights.


And if you’re searching for a home with cylindrical chandeliers - Take a look at this listing.

Aluminium lights

If you’re riding the sustainable wave, you might want to consider opting for aluminium lights instead of chandeliers at home.

Aluminium for a long time has been known as the recyclable material that companies utilise to turn into playful lights, while creating funky shapes out of them and inserting bulbs within - it's playful and we’re all for it. Let’s not forget super reflecting too so it's great to light up your space on a budget.


Searching for a home with aluminium light panels or chandeliers? Take a look at this listing.


Not sure if you’ve heard, but minimalism and luxury are the new it-girls of the interior design society and here’s why -

It's all about adopting a clean and open-space through using neutral colours, less furniture, investing in luxury statement pieces, natural light and plants. Somewhat the ‘less is more’ design palette for your home. It's all about choosing the right colour palettes.


Things you would avoid when adopting this palette:

Funky or loud wallpapers: painted or textured walls look cleaner and classier

Bright or dark colours: opt for warm neutrals such as beige, nudes, off-whites and greys

Matching flatpack furniture: this has been out of fashion for a while now

Avoid clutter: reduce having a lot going on in your space as a tidy home makes for a luxurious home.

Disproportionate furniture: even if you’ve picked the best furniture set in the world, if it makes your space look cluttered, that’s a bad idea.

Since it's a minimalist palette, you wouldn’t be paying too much as you’re adapting the ‘less is more’ appeal.

Searching for a home with those minimalistic touches? Take a look at this listing!

Curved cabins

Who doesn’t love a statement piece at home which also folds out as a storage space?

Designers in Dubai suggest curved cabins are the new game-changers for those with smaller spaces looking to make the most of their design and space game. While these cabins are wide and spacious on the inside, on the outside they’re designed to look like colourful statements you could hide at any corner of the house.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 105348.png

Searching for a home with ample storage? We’ve got you covered - take a look at this listing.

Convivial furniture

If you’ve been keeping up with furniture trends, you might have noticed that the new era of furniture design is all about human connection by building furniture that has a selection of seating options which are all about encouraging the art of in-person conversation.

For example a corner sofa, where you’re sitting on an C-shaped sofa but in your own space while facing one another.


Searching for a home with convivial furniture? Take a look at this live listing!

Textured walls

Bathroom and bedroom trends at the moment are all about that natural feel with earth tones and texture. And ofcourse, adding a little life - how do you get that done?

Opt for texturing paste and neutral pastel colours to add into your bathrooms or bedrooms, this could include just the wall behind the mirror or the whole room - choice is yours.


Looking for textured walls? We’ve got just the listing!

Coconing furniture

Squishy sofas, comfortable cosy shapes and snuggly fabrics are quite hot right now and are so great for adding a little pop of colour or statement in the middle of a living room.

People are looking for cocoons since the pandemic, a sofa where they can sit and work while also getting their afternoon naps in. - Who wouldn’t want that!


Looking for cosy furniture? Check out this listing!


Are you searching for your next home to design? Get in touch with us or take a look at some of our sales and lettings listings!

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