What apps should Dubai residents download?

What apps should Dubai residents download?

Thursday 13 July 2023Wed 16 Feb
What apps should Dubai residents download?

In today’s digital era, Dubai is one of the most forward cities when it comes to digitising its systems and residents are all for it.

Did you know that you could now call for fuel in the middle of nowhere on your phone and expect a petrol pump within 30 minutes to fuel up your car?

Or order groceries and have them delivered within 10 minutes to your door step - call it luxury, we call it Dubai!

And as the city continues to grow and actively digitise everything, its making life for residents easy breezy and whether you’ve recently moved to Dubai or have been here for a minute - here are some apps you should always have on hand when moving through the city!



This app is a must have for any resident as it hosts all your identification details. With UAE PASS, you gain the power to access numerous online services and you can effortlessly sign and authenticate documents and transactions digitally, conveniently request digital versions of your official documents, and utilise them to seek assistance from our trusted partners.

But wait, there's more! By downloading UAE PASS, you unlock access to over 6,000 services offered by 130 government, semi-government, and private entities. All you have to do is validate the key on your smartphone through their websites and apps. Simply enter your mobile number or email, and a world of convenience awaits you.

DHA - Dubai Health Authority


DHA is another must have if you’re a resident as this app is linked to all your healthcare, insurance and previous health history records.

What’s even better is that you can book doctor appointments, COVID-19 PCR tests, find the best hospitals, access reports and prescriptions. It is synced to your UAE PASS and helps you easily enter and exit hospitals without waiting in long, tiring lines.



As a resident of Dubai, you possibly cannot live without this app!

All you need to do is download the app and you can access over 120 services from 30 different government and private sector entities. All you have to do is pay your bills, settle your fines, recharge Salik, top up Nol, renew your car registration, apply for a residency, and more - in seconds!



If you use public transport or drive around Dubai, this app is your best friend.

RTA stands for Road Transport Authority, and their app offers more than 40 services. It's designed to support you whether you're a driver or passenger, covering everything from service centres to metro and bus stations, taxi bookings, and parking.

With the RTA App, you can automate many of your car-related payments. It has all the features you need, like topping up your toll points, buying metro cards, getting disabled parking cards, and registering company cars. Plus, you'll receive real-time updates on road closures, parking availability, and any changes to public holidays.

Dubai Police


As we all know, Dubai Police is one of the most helpful and kindest police forces out there and has always provided a safe and secure environment for Dubai residents.

So, the Dubai Police app is sure to help you with everything from permit services to fine payments, traffic assistance, certificates, and community services, you can pay and report on the App at any day/time of the year.

Best part; it allows users to report accidents and supports six languages and facilitates over 125 services and features.



Not sure where to grab the best bites around the city?

Zomato is your one-stop shop for finding all the best restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs around the city with the ease of booking tables, test updates on food menus, pricing, and reviews for every F&B outlet in the UAE, and ofcourse a a PRO membership option where members can unlock exclusive discounts all over the city. So you can browse around before you decide on a place to eat.



This is your one-stop app for public transport, laundry, bills, topping up recharge to everything else!

Careem simplifies your daily life with its hassle-free and all-in-one solution. It's like Uber, but even faster and more affordable! Call taxis anywhere, order groceries, pay bills, send things around the city using Careem box or order food - all at the tip of your fingers.



If you love enjoying Dubai's nightlife, then Zofeur is the perfect app for you! With Zofeur, you can easily arrange a designated driver service to ensure you and your vehicle reach your destination safely. Whether you've had a few drinks or you simply need a reliable driver for a party, business meeting, wedding, or birthday, Safe Driver has got you covered.

All of their drivers are experienced and qualified, guaranteeing a safe journey home for both you and your car. The app is approved by the RTA (Road Transport Authority), so you can trust its reliability. Simply download the app, book your driver, and enjoy peace of mind. The app operates till 3 am, covering your late-night transportation needs.



Why go to the petrol station when you can fuel up from home?

Just download MYCAFU, the mobile car service in the UAE that liberates you from the petrol station hassle.

It saves you precious time by delivering fuel directly to you, wherever and whenever you need it. Plus, they offer an eco-friendly mobile car wash service. Need an engine oil, battery, or tire change? No problem! It's just a tap away on the app.

And the best part? There's no delivery fee! You pay the same prices as traditional gas stations, but with the added convenience of car washes, engine oil changes, and more!


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