What are the best metro-accessible communities in Dubai?

What are the best metro-accessible communities in Dubai?

Tuesday 01 August 2023Wed 16 Feb
What are the best metro-accessible communities in Dubai?

One of the easiest ways to get around Dubai are through its many different public transport providers, but a cult favourite will always be the Dubai Metro!

Spanning across 74.6km, 2 lines and 47 stations - Dubai Metro is connected to almost every corner of the city and also provides residents easy access in and out of their communities.

So, if you’ve just moved to Dubai or are looking for a community accessible to the Dubai Metro, here’s your pocket friendly guide to the metro-accessible communities in Dubai!

Downtown Dubai


Want to live in the centre of the city?

Downtown Dubai is home to the world’s largest mall, Dubai Mall and world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa and a strip of luxurious residences. It's got all the amenities one could desire, fancy hotels and the best restaurants - all accessible directly to three bus stations, Dubai Mall metro station and hosts multiple hubs of taxis.

Check out the best listings in Downtown Dubai.

Jumeirah Golf Estates


Who doesn’t love a little luxury and convenience, all under one roof?

Picture living over the 18-hole championship golf-course, with a strip of restaurants, golf club-house and amenities all at a stone’s throw within this popular community. This particular neighbourhood also features five stunning lakes and beautiful landscapes. So, it has plenty in store for nature-lovers, and is easily accessible to the Jumeirah Golf Estates Metro Station.

Check out some of our top live listings in this community!

Dubai Investment Park


One of the most sought-after communities is Dubai Investment Park and is a mix-use residential, commercial, and industrial area. There is also an abundance of recreational areas, which makes it perfect for families and offers a great deal of convenience from the Dubai Investment Park Metro Station.

Could you imagine living in this serene community?

Check out some of our live listings in DIP!

Business Bay


Known as Dubai’s metropolitan hub and popular amongst the corporate folks, is a mix-use residential and commercial community.

Business Bay features a stretch of towers, restaurants, a strip of amenities, multiple five-star hotels and two malls, all directly accessible to the Business Bay Metro Station.

Check out some of our live listings in Business Bay.

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)


If you don’t drive but are all for fancy al fresco dining and corporate living - DIFC is your place to be at.

Conveniently accessible from both ends of DIFC, this community sits on the red line of DIFC metro station and has a taxi stand and bus stand by its station.

Featuring stunning high-rises, hotels, corporate offices and Dubai’s famous Museum of The Future, this community is great for individuals looking to live in a luxurious haven within the city.

Check out our live listings in DIFC.

Jumeirah Lake Towers


Lake living, golf course views and directly accessible to the city - That’s Jumeirah Lake Towers!

This community is adorned in towers, all hosting a strip of amenities, restaurants, nurseries, salons, you name it and you’ll find it. Consisting of 26 clusters, each with three buildings - the community is directly accessible to Sobha Realty metro station and DMCC metro station, and the Dubai Tram.

Take a look at the live listings in JLT.

Jebel Ali


Jebel Ali is a commercial hub that also has many residential units for those working in the same area. Jebel Ali falls in the affordable category, and is easily accessible in and out of the city.

The area has a bus station and is connected to a couple of metro stations that make commuting simple and easy for residents.

Check out the live listings in Jebel Ali.

Dubai Marina

contentistock1153156831 (1).jpg

Who doesn’t love a fancy waterfront promenade?

Another one of Dubai’s vibrant communities filled with apartments is Dubai Marina, overlooking the harbour and Dubai’s skyline.

This community has a long stretch of amenities, walking and cycling tracks, a yacht club, hotels and restaurants all easily accessible to the Dubai Marina Metro Station with its own Tram line running through the community.

Take a look at the live listings in Dubai Marina.

Love it?

If you’re a fan of these top communities and are searching for your next home - Get in touch with our team of experts!

Looking to get around Dubai?

Check out our Dubai Metro Map to navigate through the many stations and communities of Dubai.

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