Can we see self-driving taxis in Dubai soon?

Can we see self-driving taxis in Dubai soon?

Wednesday 27 September 2023Wed 16 Feb
Can we see self-driving taxis in Dubai soon?

Are you ready to embrace the future? Well, if you live in Dubai, you certainly are!

Get set for another futuristic experience coming our way and to hop aboard a self-driving taxi because next month, the streets of Dubai are set to witness a groundbreaking transformation. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has officially announced the imminent arrival of fully-automated self-driving taxis.

Yes! Self-driving taxis so no more worrying about the wrong turns or speeding, these taxis are safe and AI-controlled!

Here’s everything you need to know…

It's a glimpse into the future!

Picture this: You're in the vibrant Jumeirah 1 area, basking in the views of the stunning Dubai skyline and instead of the usual taxi, you spot a sleek, self-driving cab cruising along the street.

No, this isn’t another series of Mission Impossible, it's not science fiction; it's the future of transportation, and it's about to become a reality in Dubai!

Paving the road to innovation

Khaled Al Awadhi, the Director of Transportation Systems at RTA, shared this exciting news during the third Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport.

According to him, five driverless taxis will soon hit the 8-kilometre stretch of Jumeirah Road, connecting the Etihad Museum and Dubai Water Canal.

Meet your captain: Cruise!

Now, while you place your booking on Careem, you might be wondering who's behind the wheel (or, in this case, the algorithm). Meet Cruise, a US-based self-driving technology company and a subsidiary of General Motors (GM) that would be the technology behind these self-driving taxis.

Although they're not quite ready for human passengers during the trial phase, here's the good news: select individuals will have the chance to experience the future of transportation in Cruise taxis before the year's end. And by the second half of 2024, these self-driving taxis will be open for everyone to book.

Dubai leads the way to a brighter a future

As always, Dubai is no stranger to innovation, and this latest development solidifies its position as a global pioneer. When the self-driving taxi service goes into full commercial operations in 2024, Dubai will be the first city in the world to have Cruise, self-driving vehicles outside of the US.

How impressive is that? No matter how many new innovative technologies or developments Dubai creates, we shall consistently continue to be amazed!

How do futuristic commutes work?

You might be wondering about how these taxis operate and the cost of this futuristic commute. While the exact fare for self-driving taxis is yet to be determined by the RTA, here's a hint: it's expected to be on par with limo taxis, which typically cost around 30% more than regular cabs in Dubai.

Soon, you might find yourself enjoying a ride in one of these autonomous wonders, cruising through the streets of Dubai.

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