Why tenants would consider letting on a short-term basis

Why tenants would consider letting on a short-term basis

Wednesday 05 May 2021Wed 16 Feb
Why tenants would consider letting on a short-term basis

Dubai residents looking to rent properties short-term (less than a 6 month contract) are on the rise! But what are the benefits of renting a property this way?

1. Flexibility

If you are looking for somewhere to live whilst you sell your home and wait for your new home to be ready, a short-term rental is an ideal solution! Or maybe you are just testing Dubai but you want to have a feeling of actually living here and not living in a hotel - this is perfect! A short-term let can be a great solution for those who have just moved to Dubai. There is no rush or pressure to sign an annual lease on a property or shell out all of your savings on furniture until you feel like you know where you want to be and for how long. 

2.Fully Furnished.

A Dubai short-term rental is usually completely ready to live in and fully furnished. This means tenants don’t need to worry about buying furnishings until they find a home they would like to commit to more long-term. As well as furnishings, a short-term let will have all white goods which makes life easy! You can save money on food deliveries and get cooking like you normally would. 

If you are temporarily moving into a short-term let property and have your own furniture ready for a move into your own home, you can easily store this and not have the stress of packing and unpacking twice! You can go to your short-term rental with no stress. 


A short-term let property will have everything you would expect to find in your own home! There will be cooking utensils, tea towels, linen, curtains, towels, bedding and everything in between. You won’t be finding yourself rushing to the shops for an iron, you can move in with your suitcase and live like normal from the get-go!

4. No long commitments

A Dubai short-term rental requires very little notice to end the tenancy. You no longer have to plan your exit months in advance like you do with a long-term rental contract. With this, if your situation changes quickly, you can move at the drop of a hat and don’t have any removal company costs to pay! Short-term letting is ideal for residents or people looking to move that are expecting circumstances to change or who are less inclined to make annual commitments and sign contracts which ties them in for a long period of time. 

5. Monthly payments!

Lots of residents are looking for short-term lets as they get to pay monthly for their rent! This is ideal for those who do not have cash ready to put down on a property which requires perhaps one - four rental cheques within the year.

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