Stay in Dubai for Qatar World Cup 22

Stay in Dubai for Qatar World Cup 22

Tuesday 31 May 2022Wed 16 Feb
Stay in Dubai for Qatar World Cup 22

The World Cup is just around the corner and the planning needs to commence for all you football fans!

Accommodation in Qatar for the world cup has already filled up. Many fans are turning to Dubai to book their accommodation. Short-term rentals in Dubai for the world cup period are expected to fill up as November approaches. 

Allsopp & Allsopp Holiday Homes are now taking short-term rental bookings for the Qatar World Cup period to make sure fans not only get to experience the best of football, but the best of Dubai too. Click the link below to enquire:

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Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Saudia, Oman Air, and flydubai announced on Thursday that they will be offering shuttle services for FIFA World Cup 2022 ticket holders from their respective countries.

These flights, which will massively increase available seats for fans, will arrive into Doha International Airport, in Qatar, and will operate in a similar manner as if they were domestic flights – rather than international.

From Dubai there will be 60 daily match day shuttle flights which means football fans can extend their trip and enjoy all Dubai has to offer at the same time! 

As well as looking for Fifa World Cup Dubai hotels, below are some Dubai holiday homes available in top locations for fans to enjoy tourist attractions, restaurants, bars and the all important football buzz they are seeking!

Downtown Dubai


Nestled in the heart of Downtown Dubai, this property has got everything you need for a perfect stay! Enjoy the balcony views, overlooking the pool and plan your day ahead whilst checking those all important scores!


Dubai Marina:

Sunrise Bay 1907 (2BR):

This 2-bed property is situated on the beachfront just a 10-minute walk from Dubai Marina, overlooking an amazing view of the Palm Jumeirah. Everything from supermarkets to bars showing the Qatar 22 matches are available within walking distance.

The apartment is fully furnished and equipped to give you a more than comfortable stay, including incredible amenities such as a gym and pool.

Palm Jumeirah:

This 2 bedroom apartment gives you access to a magnificent beach, beautiful outdoor swimming pool and fully equipped gym and kids play area if the whole family is coming to enjoy the trip!


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