A day in the life of real estate: Communications Executive

A day in the life of real estate: Communications Executive

Monday 06 March 2023Wed 16 Feb
A day in the life of real estate: Communications Executive

This week, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day (Wednesday 8th March) by taking you behind the scenes here at Allsopp & Allsopp, to introduce you to the incredible women on our team, who make the magic happen!

We know you might think we’re biassed, but trust us, when you work in one of the most exciting industries in the world, for one of the city's leading brokers - it’s impossible not to be this passionate!

Meet Khwaish (our Katch up with Kash headrunner), who is our Communications Executive based in Business Bay.

You can tune into Katch up with Kash every Monday and Friday, here on our website or on our Instagram

No Monday blues…

I start my days early (for the most part) at around 6am where I take some time and practise mindful meditation - this really helps me calm my mind and regain my focus before taking on an exciting new week.

I never have Monday blues and love stepping into work to catch up with everyone (we love to let our hair down at the weekend so there’s always great stories!).

Then the whole creative team gets together to sit down and go over the deliverables for the week, as well as any upcoming events or video shoots we have scheduled.

Speaking of video shoots, no Monday or Friday of my week is complete without my Katch up with Kash segment. We started this in the first week of January and I’ve loved sharing stories with our audience!

I’m still finding my feet with it, so after a good few retakes, I get seated with the social team to go over our content plan for the week and take away any action points.

I actually graduated with a degree in Cinematography and Production, so I am super passionate about being both behind and (most recently) in front of the camera! My short film ‘Swan Song’ actually was screened at Middle East Film and Comic Con in Abu Dhabi last weekend at the Cine Club.

Priorities in my day to day include blog writing (on everything Dubai related!), from the property market, to community guides all the way to current affairs and lifestyle topics. With so much going on in the city, we never see a slow news day!

I also support with social media campaign planning and caption writing. I love the creative aspect of this and it’s great to see the hard work that goes in from beginning to end - and of course the results!

I also work with our Head of Communications and PR, Aline, every week on our Taking Care of Business podcast, which airs every Friday and is filmed every Wednesday. We begin the planning process by researching hot-topics and what’s going on in the market. (Instagram is an amazing way to do this!)

After this, I take on planning our weekly newsletter, The Ampersand. Check it out here!

I normally finish my day with my ‘work-wife’ Nadin as we head home together most days. Our days aren’t complete without a commute catching up session!

Once I’m home, I like to change up and hit the gym. My favourite classes are HIIT or kick-boxing when I’m feeling like something high intensity - or when I’m needing something a little more mellow, I’ll take a power yoga class.

I’ll then head home to spend some time with my family at dinner which is super important to me. We’ll all catch up on our day, discuss what hilarious things have been happening around the world or debate the next best way to become millionaires! (this is a work in progress).

I know it sounds cliche but I like to keep a gratitude journal. My parents have taught us the importance of gratitude, be it a great day or the world’s worst day, there’s always something to be thankful for!

It's then time for PJ’s and a binge watch of Modern Family or I’ll grab for a nice book.

And there you have it! That’s a typical day in my life as a Communications Executive at Allsopp & Allsopp.

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