A day in the life of real estate: Director of Human Resources

A day in the life of real estate: Director of Human Resources

Wednesday 08 March 2023Wed 16 Feb
A day in the life of real estate: Director of Human Resources

This week, we're celebrating International Women's Day by taking you behind the scenes here at Allsopp & Allsopp and introducing some incredible women on our team who make the magic happen!

Today we kick off with Jo Parker, our Director of Human Resources (and Crank 'Spin Queen'), who shares a peek inside a day (week!) in her life.

I usually start mornings at ten past five with a cup of coffee, followed by walking my four-legged furballs; Rupert, Coco and Bertie. Sneaking this me-time in before sunrise always feels a little 'zen' and helps start my day in a positive frame of mind.

Next up, the hard stuff, I hit Crank six days a week and spin my heart out for 45 minutes (shout out to the 700 club!); this gives me the quickstart energy boost that I need to carry into my role, as I need to be ready to tackle anything that comes from the get-go.

My commute to work gives me enough time to snack on a podcast or an audiobook: Currently listening = 'The High-Performance Podcast' by Jake Humphrey and Damien Hughes.

I arrive at the Allsopp & Allsopp HQ, swish a second cup of coffee, catch up with our Senior Management teams, and then it's go-time!

My role is all about people, and my door is always open. Of course, I need to keep myself accessible, but with over 450 employees, it is undoubtedly more challenging than it used to be!

A typical day might involve a morning catch-up with our branch managers to advise on human resource-related requests, helping onboard new joiners into the company, suggesting new company process initiatives, and planning company events. No two days are the same.

Once I've tackled a hectic day at work, I like to head home and take my furballs for a walk. It's the most peaceful time of my day. Twice a week, I get to focus on self-care, including running errands and getting my hair/nails done - a reward for all the sweaty Crank sessions!

I firmly believe that 'preparation is key' and always look ahead to getting things out the way; most nights, I'll put aside 5 minutes to catch up on my to-do list and update it ahead of the next day.

After a hard week at work (and in the gym), I'll give myself a break and enjoy letting my hair down, catching a pool day with my friends, shopping and or unwinding at the cinema.

And that concludes a day (or week!) in my life.

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