Salik toll gates: Everything you need to know

Salik toll gates: Everything you need to know

Tuesday 21 March 2023Wed 16 Feb
Salik toll gates: Everything you need to know

If you’re new to Dubai or even if you’ve been here for years, there’s a lot of mystery that surrounds Salik toll gates. Just what are they and how do they work?

Well, we’re here to bring you up to speed! Let’s jump straight into it.

What are Salik toll gates?

Fun fact to remember for the pub quiz: The word itself stands for ‘open’ or ‘clear’ in Arabic

In short, Salik is the name of the electronic toll road system in Dubai. It’s a fully automated system that uses radio-frequency identification technology to deduct a fee when a toll gate is passed.

Generally speaking, all vehicles are fitted with a ‘Salik tag’ so that when you pass through a Salik checkpoint, the toll is charged automatically.

How many Salik toll gates are there in Dubai?

There are a total of eight gates and they operate 24/7:

  1. Al Maktoum Bridge (Umm Hurair Road)

  2. Al Garhoud Bridge (Sheikh Rashid Road)

  3. Al Mamzar North (Al Ittihad Road)

  4. Al Mamzar South (Al Ittihad Road)

  5. Al Safa (Sheikh Zayed Road)

  6. Al Barsha (Sheikh Zayed Road)

  7. Airport Tunnel (Beirut Street)

  8. Jebel Ali (Sheikh Zayed Road)

How much does it cost to cross a Salik toll gate?

A fixed charge of AED 4 is deducted every time you pass through a Salik toll gate.

However if you are crossing through Al Mamzar North or South within the space of one hour, you won’t be charged twice!

Are there any free Salik toll gates?

Certain Salik gates have toll-free hours where, at certain times, if you pass through, you won’t be charged.

On weekdays between 10pm-6am, the Al Maktoum Bridge is toll-free.

I don’t have a Salik tag, how do I get one?

It’s simple. Pop down into any petrol station or jump online onto the Salik website and sign up!

If you’re heading down to a petrol station you’ll need to provide a registered mobile number (to be used for all Salik-related communication) and your vehicle registration card.

Once that’s cleared a fee of AED 100 will be applied. AED 50 for the tag and AED 50 balance will be added to your card. Top-ups work the same way, through any station.

If you would like to sign up online, the same requirements apply although the charge is AED 120, with an additional AED 20 for delivery charges.

What if I cross a Salik toll gate without a tag or have insufficient funds in my account?

There’s a fine of AED 50 when you pass through a Salik toll gate with insufficient funds in your Salik account.

Only one Salik violation can be made per day.

If you pass through a Salik toll gate without a tag, you have ten-days to purchase a tag and register your vehicle to Salik. If not, a fine of AED100 will be issued on the first day. then, AED200 the second time you pass and AED400 each subsequent time you pass!

So it’s definitely worth taking the time to make sure you’re on top of it.

And if you’re new to the city, still figuring out how to set up your DEWA, we’ve simplified it for you!

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