UAE Visa: How can you secure the one-mission work visa in Dubai?

UAE Visa: How can you secure the one-mission work visa in Dubai?

Thursday 11 May 2023Wed 16 Feb
UAE Visa: How can you secure the one-mission work visa in Dubai?

We may be biassed when we say this, but we possibly live in the best city in the world, don’t we? I mean, it’s hard to deny Dubai isn’t the best city in the world. Not only has it opened doors for its residents with excellent experiences, dynamic work cultures and luxury living but now is also opening doors to business for foreign workers through temporary work visas, which was announced earlier this year.

Since the introduction of the temporary work visas which is known as the one-mission work visa, now foreign workers are welcome to come into the city on this visa. So, whether you’ve been recruited for a small project or are completing a temporary job over a specific period of time - you can easily fly in and out without the hassle of a visit visa.

But many are still scratching their heads still wondering how they can secure the visa, and so, if securing the one-mission work visa is on your radar, we’ve got all the details you need and here’s how you can get applying!

How can you apply for the one-mission work visa?

If you’ve planned on applying for the visa - you can easily do so by having the PRO of your company carry out a one-mission visa application through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

What documents do you need for the one-mission visa application?

In order to apply for the one-mission work visa, keep your hiring company’s trade licence copy at hand, a clear photograph of yourself including your original passport which is to be submitted for your medical examination. Next up, you need your attested educational certificate from your secondary school or university, a valid establishment card from your company or employer and lastly an e-signature card and you’ll be on your way with the application. Easy, right?

How long does the one-mission work visa last for?

The one-mission work-visa is a temporary visa and can only suffice for 90-days!

How much could you be spending on the one-mission work visa?

To apply for a one-mission work visa for a single mission in the UAE, the cost typically ranges from AED500 to AED600. With an additional fee of AED100 for the mission visa application, and an AED3,000 security deposit must also be provided.

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