What are the benefits of an Allsopp & Allsopp Home Maintenance Package?

What are the benefits of an Allsopp & Allsopp Home Maintenance Package?

Thursday 01 June 2023Wed 16 Feb
What are the benefits of an Allsopp & Allsopp Home Maintenance Package?

With the summers approaching hot and humid, have you prepared your home for the summer yet?

Did you know that not maintaining your AC unit during the summers could lead to illnesses and breathing issues? Or else, did you have your electric unit checked or any loose wires tucked back in? And lastly, can your water filter affect your DEWA bill?

So many questions and so much confusion - we get it! So, here’s our suggestion - why not sign up for a home maintenance package?

There are so many benefits of having a home maintenance package, and what’s easier is that with our home maintenance package you wouldn’t just be paying for the monthly check-ins and the basic services but also impromptu repairs and maintenance - whenever you need us!

And fear not, we have a 24 hour response time once the quote is shared and approved! So, we’ll be at your doorstep as soon as possible!

What does a home maintenance package look like?

Well, it's quite simple - you sign up with one of our three home maintenance packages which are Essentials, Maintainer and Ultimate. And we come through - cover all the services from electric and plumping check ups to carpentry and aluminium repairs!

Take a look at our list of services as part of our three home maintenance packages…


Can I get more than what’s part of my package?

If you’ve got a little something extra that needs to be taken care of at home, but does not fall into your home maintenance package - that’s fine because we offer free basic consumables that allow you to get a few basic services on top of your package - ain’t that sweet?

How can my home maintenance package help me save money on DEWA bills?

In case you didn’t know, if your air conditioner isn’t cleaned out frequently from dust and mites - you could be attracting a pretty hefty DEWA bill your way. As the collection of dirt and dust builds up in your filtration system - your system has to work harder to overpower through the dust - and the harder the machine has got work to circulate and cool the air, the higher your DEWA bill is, and we want to help you reduce your DEWA billl!

We also strongly suggest you have a professional take a look at your plumbing system - well because if if there are any leaks or any dirt or debris collected in your pipes - you could be welcoming a high DEWA bill and really bad leaks which could cost you a fortune if left ignored - and not to mention, the dirt and debris could be coming out in your water…

Is it better to opt for an annual home maintenance package than one-off visits?

Your home’s your biggest asset and it's yours to protect. So, when it comes to maintaining it, you might only maintain it when you absolutely need to and those times could end up costing you a fortune.

It's way better to opt for a home maintenance package where professionals will come and check in on your AC, plumbing, electrical issues and more as they’d be on top of it and avoid you having to call anyone for one-off visits. Oh, and not to mention - you also wouldn’t have any prolonged issues or leaks to worry about, as it would be handled beforehand.

What are the risks of not maintaining your home on time?

It's important to ask - is your home as safe as you think it is?

As previously mentioned, if your AC filter or water pipes aren’t cleaned out frequently, the dirt and debris could be exposed to you.

At home during the summers, we frequently have our AC’s on and wouldn’t you want to breathe good quality air? I mean, who wouldn’t and the trust is that if there’s dirt and debris collecting in your home - you’re probably breathing that and that can lead to many different types of sicknesses.

Apart from the physical risks, not maintaining your home on time can land you with a leakage or electric damage at a random or inconvenient hour. Which is just annoying now, isn’t it?

What else can I get out of my home maintenance package?

Apart from the usual check-ins, we do offer some pretty impressive services such as carpentry, painting, aluminium repairs, discounted or free minor spare parts and of course mould and fungus treatments.

It's not just limited to the basics - we promise we’ll go above and beyond. Best part, most of this is inclusive in your package, so you have nothing to worry about!

Get your quote now!

Get in touch with our in-house experts and we’ll give you a quote with a 24 hour response time! Or sign up to get a quote now.

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