Sheikh Mohammed praises private sector and highlights the importance of partnerships

Sheikh Mohammed praises private sector and highlights the importance of partnerships

Friday 09 June 2023Wed 16 Feb
Sheikh Mohammed praises private sector and highlights the importance of partnerships

The visionary behind Dubai’s successes and the one who transformed the city into the record-breaking, renowned, and world-class place it is today is no other than Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Under his excellency, the city has thrived to become the admired marvel it is today and better yet, one of the first GCC cities to encourage and welcome the expansion of expats and their private businesses.

It comes as no surprise that Dubai’s private sector is flourishing, and it doesn’t go unnoticed either.

This week at his weekly Majlis meeting; His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid discussed the importance of how the private sector represents a vital part of the emirate’s economic strategy. During this meeting, he was joined by other local dignitaries, such as businessmen, advisors, investors and senior officials.

His Highness discussed the importance of maintaining partnerships in Dubai with the business community and how the community contributes significantly to its ability to achieve its development goals and raise its global status.

He then expanded on the ethos of public-private sector partnerships in Dubai and how it plays a vital part in enhancing Dubai’s global leadership in key sectors.

His Highness further highlighted the importance of the national workforce in driving Dubai's advancement and prosperity. He emphasised that Dubai has great plans for the future and is well-equipped with talent and resources to accomplish them. The local workforce, with its abundant leadership abilities and creative talent, has played a pivotal role in positioning Dubai as a major global player when it comes to shaping the future of key sectors.

He then went on to acknowledge the robust foundations set in place in Dubai’s economy and its diversified nature. He highlighted that Dubai places great importance on nurturing future-oriented sectors, as they are integral to ensuring the city's sustained growth as a global hub for innovation, enterprise, and investment. His Highness expressed a welcoming nature towards all ideas that can accelerate progress and pledged support for promising ventures that have the potential to generate new economic value and enhance the well-being of individuals.

Isn’t it great to be under the kind of leadership that consistently encourages and motivates its residents toward innovation and success?

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