What are the most affordable communities for investors in Dubai?

What are the most affordable communities for investors in Dubai?

Thursday 22 June 2023Wed 16 Feb
What are the most affordable communities for investors in Dubai?

Have you been following up on Dubai’s property market and wondering where to invest in Dubai?

How impressive is it that Dubai’s property market is still standing tall and will continue to! Trust us, we’ve seen the May 2023 report indicating how the market bounced back after the mini seasonable dip in April.

Either way, apart from the record-breaking deals and stellar new developments, Dubai is a dreamy city built on the backs of stunning architecture, star-studded skyscrapers, thrilling experiences and a lifestyle like no other.

So, we get why you might be considering investing in Dubai, but if you’re in a pinch and are looking for slightly affordable property investments - we’ve got just the right areas on where to invest in Dubai.

Jumeirah Village Circle

If you’re all for the hype, then trust us when we tell you the hype about JVC is real! This stunning community is a mix-use area with residential and commercial units, it has a strip of restaurants, retail outlets, a mall and five-star hotels!

If you’re looking to live in a community that has it all on your doorstep, it's JVC. They have highly affordable property investments.

Apartments on average start at AED 400,000 for a fully-furnished studio including amenities. And if it's something bigger, then apartments for one-bedrooms to AED 650,000 to AED 1.5 million for a 3-bedroom apartment. And this is prime residential real estate - trust us on that as ROI’s in this community range form 5-7%!

For villas and townhouses, prices average on AED 650,000 for a one-bedroom villa while a three-bedroom ranges from AED 1.8 million and onward!

Take a look at all our live listings in Jumeirah Village Circle!

Al Furjan

Tucked away by Al Fay road, this affordable community is a hidden gem in Dubai and is famous for its high-rises. Although the community is a mix-use with commercial units, villas, townhouses and apartments - Al Furjan’s high rises have some of the most beautiful views over Dubai’s skyline with excellent amenities.

They’ve got a community centre, metro and is easily accessible to Al Khail Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (311). There are a wide range of restaurants in the community, multiple supermarkets and retail outlets being a convenient community.

Apartments on average start at AED 450,000 for a studio apartment coming fully furnished with excellent amenities. While one-bedrooms to three-bedrooms range from AED 750,000 to AED 2.5 million!

For villas and townhouses in Al Furjan, prices vary from AED 2 million to AED 5 million for a three-bedroom to six-bedroom range!

Take a look at our live listings in Al Furjan!

Town Square

Town Square is one of Dubai’s recent developments located at Al Qudra road and is a fabulous community for those who enjoy peace and quiet. It's really a home to those who enjoy escaping the hustle and bustle of the city to their peaceful corner.

In Town Square, residents can access their own community centre, which has entertainment/gaming hubs, supermarkets, and other convenient retail outlets and restaurants. The community provides easy access to the Qudra desert, being perfect for those who enjoy camping and is a 10-minute drive from Dubai Hills Mall, and 30-minutes away from Downtown Dubai.

Apartments on average start at AED 430,000 for a spacious and furnished studio apartment, while one-bedrooms to three-bedroom apartments for AED 1.3 million.

Townhouses on average start at AED 1.9 million and range up to AED 2.1 million for a three-bedroom with a garden, and excellent ROI!

Take a look at our live listings in Town Square!

Jumeirah Lake Towers

If you’re all for living in an urban and vibrant community, then Jumeirah Lake Towers is the place for you. This community comprises 26 clusters, spanning across 68 skyscrapers all circling a large lake and has recently undergone rebranding! The community overlooks views over Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Golf Course, really offering luxury at an affordable price.

In Jumeirah Lake Towers, residents have access to everything at their doorstep - quite literally. You’re a stone's throw away from over 200 restaurants within the tower, all within walking distance of 5 to 15 minutes. While having access to all kinds of retail outlets, supermarkets, convenience stores, nurseries and universities even!

The community is mixed-use and is abundant in several commercial units too, so it's a great place for those looking for commercial units at affordable prices too! In JLT, residents also have access to parks, excellent amenities within every tower, and if one is looking to shop, Dubai Marina Mall is just a walking distance. The community is easily accessible through two metro stations, tram access and sits just at Sheikh Zayed Road.

Apartments at average start at AED 700,000 for a fully-furnished and equipped studio apartment, while one-bedrooms to four-bedrooms range from AED 790,000 to AED 3.1 million. And a luxury four-bedroom penthouse with all the premium amenities could cost you AED 4 million!

Take a look at our live listings in Jumeirah Lake Towers!

Damac Hills

Who wouldn’t enjoy lagoon views and living in the midst of a tranquil and peaceful community?

Then Damac Hills is just the place for you, from its stellar golf-course views to serene and peaceful vibes throughout. This community sits near Al Qudra road and is located further away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

In Damac Hills, residents have a range of properties such as apartments, townhouses, and villas, and is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts too! They’ve got a wide range of jogging and cycling tracks, fitness studios and parks! The community provides direct access to Al Khail Road, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E311) while being 15-minutes by drive to Dubai Hills Mall.

Apartments on average start at AED 450,000 for a large studio overlooking golf-course views while one-bedrooms to three-bedrooms average at AED 800,000 to AED 2 million.

Villas and townhouses start at an average price of AED 2 million for a four-bedroom compound villa with a private garden going up to AED 3.2 million for a five-bedroom townhouse!

Take a look at our live listings in Damac Hills.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

If you live on the other end of the city, this upcoming community is a crowd favourite for its excellent amenities and beautiful homes! And trust us when we say that this hidden gem is really overlooked but is worth all the hype!

DSO is mainly a mixed-use community with more commercial units over residential units but has many apartments and villas that are newly developed projects with great amenities, pools and private gardens.

It sits nestled in the corner of E66 and provides easy access to the highway, and is 20-minutes away from Downtown Dubai.

Apartments on average range from AED 500,000 for a fully-furnished one-bedroom to AED 1.1 million for a newly developed two-bedroom apartment with high-end furnishings.

Villas and townhouses in DSO range from AED 3 million to AED 4.5 million for a three-bedroom villa with a private garden and pool!

Take a look at our live listings in Dubai Silicon Oasis!

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