Rents in Dubai: How can you calculate your rental increases?

Rents in Dubai: How can you calculate your rental increases?

Thursday 22 June 2023Wed 16 Feb
Rents in Dubai: How can you calculate your rental increases?

Keeping up with the market?

You might not be surprised to see that as prices and demand for properties continue to soar in Dubai, many landlords are also considering increasing rents around town.

And with a city that’s home to one too many record breakers, it comes as no surprise that properties here are in high demand, just take a look at the quality of life here - completely unmatched and that’s what makes Dubai so special!

So, has your contract been pulling toward its end?

You might be wondering if you’re in for an increase and we’ve got just the way for you to calculate your potential rental increase!

Dubai Land Department’s rental index feature will help you!

The new service by Dubai Land Department, is known as the rental index feature and is available on their website. This helps you calculate increase in rent or average rent expectancy in your area/community by simply adding a few details into their online feature.

What details do you need to enter in the rental index?

The service will ask you for details such as:

Tenancy contract expiration date

Number of bedrooms


Current rent value

How can you calculate the increase in rents through the rental index?

Step 1: Access the website or mobile application for Dubai Land Department and choose the service - Rental index

Step 2: Enter all the details such as the Ejari contract’s expiry date; the property type, area, and number of rooms, and the current annual value of the rent

Step 3: You get all the information on the expected price increase on your rental!

This service is completely free of cost.

Where can I access the Dubai Land Department rental index feature?

There are four different channels through which you can access:

  • Dubai Land Department’s website (Ejari System)

  • Dubai Land Department’s website

  • Dubai REST App

  • Dubai Now App

How simple was that?

If you’re new to the city, or are considering moving into a rental - take a look at some of our live listings in Dubai!

Does buying remain cheaper than renting? It often is, take a look at our Buy vs. Rent calculator to get an idea!

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