What are the advantages of investing in off-plan projects?

What are the advantages of investing in off-plan projects?

Tuesday 04 July 2023Wed 16 Feb
What are the advantages of investing in off-plan projects?

If you’ve been keeping track of Dubai’s property market, you might have noticed one too many records being broken week after week.

And there’s no wondering why - with a star-studded array of skyscrapers, excellent lifestyle, and high-end amenities at easy access, it's a dreamer's paradise. As more expats are relocating to Dubai and foreign investment is at an all time high, the city continues to develop and redevelop incredible new properties to meet up with the rising population.

Since then, the off-plan market has seen an all-time high in investments and trust us when we tell you - while buying ready properties may be easier, there are far too many benefits of investing in off-plan too!

Here are the top reasons why off-plan investments hold great benefits!

Affordable price points

Off-plan projects are typically sold at lower prices compared to completed properties. This allows investors to enter the real estate market with a smaller initial investment, and you have a chance to get a good price on your hands which matches your budget. This doesn’t always happen in ready properties in Dubai.

Potential for capital appreciation

As the property is still under construction, there is a potential for capital appreciation by the time it is completed. This means that the property’s value is higher and there is a possibility to earn a good return on your investment.

If the market conditions are favourable, then the value of the property could increase, providing a profit for the investor upon resale.

Choice of units

Investing off-plan allows buyers to choose from a variety of units, such as different floor plans, views, and locations within the development. This level of choice may not be available for completed properties so if you’re one who’s looking for something specific it's always suitable to opt for an off-plan sale.

Modern facilities and amenities

Off-plan properties in Dubai as they are part of new developments usually boast modern facilities and amenities based on what’s trending and what buyers are in search of. These could include terraces, swimming pools, gyms, landscaped gardens, security features, and more, making the property attractive to potential tenants or buyers in the future.

Payment plans

Developers may offer flexible payment plans for off-plan properties, spreading the payments over the construction period, making it easier for investors to manage their finances. This includes paying 20% upfront and then completing the payment plan after handover of the property.

Early bird discounts and incentives

Buyers who are purchasing off-plan properties in Dubai, early in the development phase may be offered discounts or other incentives by the developers. It could be discounts on the overall price or a more spaced out payment plan.

Potential for customization

Depending on the stage of construction, some developers allow buyers to customise certain aspects of the property, such as adding a personal touch to the investment.

Rising demand

Dubai's real estate market has historically experienced rising demand, which comes as no surprise and has been driven by factors such as population growth, tourism, and business opportunities.

This demand can positively impact the value of off-plan properties in Dubai, as expats relocating are always looking for homes. This promises you as an investor - a higher return on investment, and if the community is thriving then potentially a good rental yield too.


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