Landlords: What to expect from your property manager when your tenants are moving out?

Landlords: What to expect from your property manager when your tenants are moving out?

Wednesday 12 July 2023Wed 16 Feb
Landlords: What to expect from your property manager when your tenants are moving out?

Will your tenant be vacating your property?

This can cause concern about finding your next tenant or on how to manoeuvre the whole move-out procedure.

Don’t stress - our team at Allsopp & Allsopp are on hand to help you out with your tenants. Here’s what you can expect from your property manager when your tenants are on the move!

What you can expect during the move-out process:

To ensure a seamless transition, a dedicated Senior Property Manager will be assigned to oversee the process. They will proactively reach out to you 30 days prior to your tenant’s move out to coordinate the necessary arrangements.

In order to effectively utilise and safeguard the tenant's exit - the manager will oversee:

Approval and funds for Dewa activation: This will enable them to carry out necessary inspections and complete any required works related to the property's utilities. By ensuring the activation of DEWA services, we can facilitate a smooth handover process.

Funds for the Tenant's Deposit (if held by you): To properly manage and protect the deposit, we’ll need you to provide the funds to us. This helps us maintain transparency and accountability in handling the deposit.

Our property manager will be in touch with your tenant to do the following:

If we don’t already have them, we will request proof of AC servicing receipts, if it’s a term mentioned in your contract. If the EJARI was registered by Allsopp & Allsopp then we will either arrange for the cancellation, or we will ask the tenant to provide it.

Once that’s done, we will book in a scheduled inventory with one of our inventory clerks.

Lastly, the final bill & all utilities will need to be taken care of, and we’ll advise tenants of all the works that need to be completed before their move out.

On the day of move out:

Expect the full service to be taken care of with our team who’ll will meet the tenant to conduct the move out inspection & take handover. This includes taking all keys, access cards and fobs - which will be handed over back to you.

Our Home Maintenance team will also visit your property. In order to inspect all items in the unit, we will need the DEWA on.

If DEWA isn’t activated, what could happen?

If your DEWA services aren’t activated, it could mean your garden (if you have one) will not have water, which could affect the landscaping.

Furthermore, we will not be able to conduct a thorough inspection, which will mean you will receive two quotes for any issues that may be found once DEWA is switched on.

It could also mean a longer vacancy period on your property, with missed items and lack of presentation and landscaping affecting the marketing and viewing, which can even result in a lower rental price being achieved.

Once your tenant moves out - after 10 days we’ll be back:

After 10 days of your tenant moving out, our team will send you a move inspection and a quotation with all items. Please remember there could always be new things added to the quote that occur once the tenant moves in.

Once that’s done, we will need approval of work within 2 working days & for you to send us funds, which will need to clear in our bank account. If you or the tenant are disputing any deductions from the security deposit, we would still recommend going ahead with work so it doesn't delay the next rental.

What if you’ve got a tenant moving in?

If there is a tenant moving in, then speed will be of the essence. But, don’t worry, as always we will manage the whole process. A quick checklist of things that will need to be done are;

  1. Ensure that any outstanding service charges are paid

  2. If DEWA is not already activated, this will need to be done quickly

  3. Review and approve any necessary works asap (it’s a good idea to maintain a ‘float’ with us, to help prevent delays in work being carried out)

  4. Service your A/C and deep clean the property

  5. Sign any necessary NOC’s

If we don’t already have them, provide your bank details for rental payments.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please reach out to our team

For further details on property management services, please click here

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