How to guide: Get your home summer ready

How to guide: Get your home summer ready

Thursday 06 April 2023Wed 16 Feb
How to guide: Get your home summer ready

The city is warming up and before we know it, we’ll be stepping into summer!

As we all know, summer in the desert can be a little more extreme than in most places in the world - and last year, we saw temperatures in Dubai climb up to a sweltering 51°C.

Sheesh, I’m already reaching for an ice bucket at the thought.

The extreme weather conditions in Dubai aren't always the most comfortable and when temperatures start to climb high - the most inviting (and safe!) place to spend long periods of time is most definitely somewhere out of the sun.

The most important place to get summer ready?

Home sweet home of course!

Here’s how our dedicated Home Maintenance team can make sure these long hot summer months are filled with nothing but cool, comfortable and safe vibes - and why it’s so important to start preparing now.

Summer check-list:

Keep it cool

Did you know at minimum, your air conditioning should be serviced at least once a year?

Especially before and after dry and dusty conditions (which boy do we have a lot of!).

Leaving your A/C dusty or unclean for extended periods of time can result in increased operating expenses, higher electricity bills and can even lead to airborne illnesses.

We’ll check your filters, clear out any clogged dust and ensure optimum performance - ensuring there will be no emergency breakdowns during the summer months!

Who wants to be stuck in the desert without air conditioning right?

Say watt?

If you do not clear out your electrical boards on a regular basis, you are at high-risk of electrical faults and fire hazards occuring.

This is when a short-circuit or blackout takes place due to debris, dust and lint build up - which is again more common during sandy or dusty weather conditions.

The overload of electrical sockets is actually the most common cause of electrical failure, due to multiple high energy devices being plugged into single sockets.

You might be clued up on this, but for many it’s probably not something that will have crossed your mind.

Let Allsopp & Allsopp Maintenance team put your mind at ease. We can pop round to check up on your electrical and see if it’s in a safe condition - this won’t take longer than an hour! If needed, we can clean or replace your panels.

So there will be no risk of you finding yourself struck with an electricity strike!

Drain those pipes!

We get it, plumbing isn’t something we all think about too often. Until there’s a leak and you find yourself plodging through your hallway wondering - why didn’t we spot this sooner?

Repairs from water damage are some of the most expensive to fix, and can harm more than just your pipes.

Our plumbing team can come to inspect, drain and clean your pipes, minimising risk for any leakages, damage or bursts!

Not only this, but damaged pipes can also cause contamination to water, without you realising! Yes that’s right, when pipes are clogged or have cracks or pests, debris and dirt can start to be collected - leading to dirty water through taps, baths and showers.

Jeepers, we don’t like the thought of this either - but that’s why we’re here to help.

Insider tip!

Your DEWA bill might be higher than it needs to be.

Did you know that a cluttered fridge can actually have an effect on your monthly bill?

We’re not lying! The more ice your freezer makes has a direct impact on how much DEWA you’ll end up paying.

So, now’s the perfect time to declutter, defrost - and save some pennies!

Here to help!

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve built bespoke packages to suit all needs. Whether you live in a studio apartment, a two-bed townhouse or a family-sized villa. We’ve covered all areas.

The best bit? We don’t require commitment.

We’re truly passionate about making sure your home is your haven and we understand requirements change.

Although you might be like the hundreds of our clients who prefer the peace of mind of an annual maintenance contract, if you require any drop in services we can be on hand too.

Our contracts start at AED 1,350 and can round you up to AED 2,281!

What are the benefits of an annual contract?

Your property is your greatest asset right? So when you think about it, giving it the TLC it deserves to keep in tip top condition doesn’t really have any disadvantages!

Not only does an annual contract ensure increased efficiency and lifespan, it will also save you money on mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

Our Home Maintenance team is available 24/7, meaning whenever you need them - they can be there.

We have fully qualified plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, carpenters and painters, who are all experts in their fields.

Now’s the time to beat the heat, and get your property summer ready.

To find out more, get in touch with our team today!

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