Where should you invest for commercial real estate in Dubai?

Where should you invest for commercial real estate in Dubai?

Thursday 01 June 2023Wed 16 Feb
Where should you invest for commercial real estate in Dubai?

If you’ve been thinking about moving to the golden city to start your next empire or are a resident looking for an office space to start your dream project - There’s no denying Dubai is a city full of possibilities.

What once was known as the American Dream, is now known as The Dubai Dream and you might think we’re being biassed - but trust us, there’s nothing like Dubai.

From star-studded towers, exceptional amenities, world-class experiences, world-records and the list goes on, there’s a place here for everyone.

So, if you’ve been thinking hard and fast on investing in commercial real estate in Dubai, it couldn’t be a better time and come on - who wouldn’t want to work in a tower that creates the stunning skyline of Dubai?

Whether you’re leasing or investing - here are a few locations in Dubai that you should keep your eyes peeled for!

DIFC - Dubai International Financial Centre

As it name suggests, DIFC is the financial and technology hub of the city and is home to some of the largest international companies’ offices. The Dubai Stock Exchange, Emirates Towers, Dubai Future Foundation and Museum of the Future also sit in DIFC.

The community is abundant in commercial towers with multiple units for sale and lease, and is also home to a strip of luxurious restaurants such as Shanghai Me, Gaia, and Clap to name a few. They also have a mall with retail outlets and gyms - Gate Avenue, which is connected to all the buildings within the Gate Avenue stretch.

DIFC is a great community for individuals to meet and connect over business affairs, there are many high-end members clubs where investors, businessmen, visionaries are more can meet to connect over their businesses - such as The Arts Club.

DIFC is also home to multiple co-working spaces at affordable rates being a convenient option for those coming to Dubai on temporary work-permits. The community is easily accessible through the DIFC metro station.

For leasing, properties start at an annual rent of AED 65,000. For investors, buying a property in DIFC can start at AED 500,000 and above.

Business Bay

The hub of businesses sits in Business Bay, what an unexpected twist - am I right!

Business Bay is home to over 100 different commercial real estate and is also home to multiple residential properties. It's a community where residential and commercial come together in sublimity.

Apart from having multiple different commercial real estate, Business Bay also has many five-star hotels such as JW Marriott Marquis, Taj and Grand Millenium. There’s a strip of restaurants and retail outlets connected through Executive Towers, which are residential and commercial real estate. The mall is known as Bay Avenue and also has a park outside, cycling and jogging track and play area for kids.

Business Bay is a great place for socialising and meeting up with other like-minded people. There are several cafes and restaurants where working individuals are always having meetings or chats. There are many co-working spaces too and the community is easily metro accessible through the Business Bay metro station and bus station.

For tenants, properties in Business Bay start at an annual rent of AED 100,000. For investors, prices for units start at AED 800,000.

Downtown Dubai

Who wouldn't want to work in the heart of Dubai, right in front of the world’s tallest tower?

Downtown Dubai is the centre of Dubai, home to the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, multiple five-star hotels, Dubai Opera, restaurants, high-end retail outlets and multiple residential and commercial real estate units.

Downtown is a great place for those starting their businesses as its home to multiple co-working spaces and has a lot of startups being a great place for like-minded individuals to connect at.

The Souk Al Bahar also has many commercial real estate units, there are five-star hotels with co-working spaces and the community is easily accessible via metro - Through Dubai Mall’s station, buses and taxis are easily available.

For tenants, units start at AED 350,000 onwards annually. For those investing, Downtown Dubai’s rates start at AED 8,500,000 onwards.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

While this vibrant community is predominantly a residential complex, its home to some of the best commercial real estate in Dubai. The community is divided into 26 clusters spanning over 68 buildings, five-star hotels, retail outlets, restaurants and cafes all surrounding a lake in the middle.

JLT has over 100 different commercial real estate units within the community and many individuals working there have the freedom of living in the same community, or using the metro as the community is accessible by two metro stations - DMCC and Sobha Realty, while also being accessible to the tram.

JLT is also easily accessible to many supermarkets, restaurants and cafes within the community and also is a metro link cross to Dubai Marina Mall - for those who enjoy a mid-work day shopping spree!

There are multiple five-star hotels such as Taj, Crowne Plaza and Movenpick, and is a great place for businessmen and women looking to build their connections - as there are many business lunches and co-working spaces for them to connect at.

For those leasing, JLT’s rents annually start at AED 95,000. For investors, JLT’s prices for sales start at AED 850,000.

Motor City

While this community is tucked away in the west corner of the city, Motor City is a charming place for those who are looking for a commercial real estate unit in a peaceful and quiet community. Motor City is also home to Dubai Autodrome, many residential units and is within a 2km radius of Dubai Hills Mall.

Motor City is exceptionally great for those who are looking for commercial real estate units on the lower end, and also has very spacious units. It is also home to Business Park Motor City, Dubai Autodrome and F1-X Dubai, a Formula One theme park. Motor City was built with the idea of a city within a city.

Motor City is home to many different supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants and cafes but as the community is pretty spaced out, it's not friendly for walking. There are over 200 commercial units within the community and is also a mixed-use community welcoming many families and individuals.

For renting, Motor City’s rents start annually at AED 90,000. For investors, you could buy a property in Motor City for as low as AED 600,000.

Dubai Investment Park

This is Dubai South’s upcoming commercial area and is home to large factories, commercial real estate units and many different co-working spaces. DIP is newly built and has metro access through the Dubai Investment park metro station, bus stations and is a 10 minute drive from EXPO City.

There are over 250 commercial real estate units in DIP, and is a great place for new businesses or factories to start their space out at. It's easily accessible and has restaurants, cafes and supermarkets within a 5km radius.

While the community is still newly developed, it has quickly become a hot-spot for commercial real estate, DIP is also easily accessible by JAFZA and is becoming a great place for real estate companies.

For investors, DIP starts at AED 700,000 for a commercial real estate unit, and for warehouses it starts at AED 10,000,000.

If you’re curious to know more or are ready to kick-start your dream office journey in Dubai - Get in touch with our Head of Commercial; Emrah Yar.

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