A guide to selling your property with Allsopp & Allsopp

A guide to selling your property with Allsopp & Allsopp

Wednesday 12 July 2023Wed 16 Feb
A guide to selling your property with Allsopp & Allsopp

As Dubai’s property market continues to soar, breaking records after records - it comes as no surprise sellers are actively popping up searching for investors with their incredible properties playing as bait.

So, have you been thinking of listing your property on Dubai’s property market?

If it's on your mind and you need a few reasons why it's a great time - we suggest taking a look at our property market snapshot to give you a clear idea on the market, with easy to understand market analysis and insights!

Until then, let us tell you the steps to selling your property with Allsopp & Allsopp.

Step one - Finding a reliable broker

Great news, we’re reliable!

It's quite important when selling your home to go into business with a trustworthy and reliable broker who isn’t just your real estate agent but also a friend who can be open and honest with you.


Our brokers aren’t just reliable but are also always available for you to chat with, come with knowledge about the areas and communities as well as share advice and insight into the Dubai property market and the area you are selling in.

Step two: Due diligence on the market

It’s always a good idea to brush up on the market before considering selling. Don’t worry, we will save you from doing the homework yourself and make it easier for you.

Our agents help you understand the market better by providing you in-detail insights, provide you with market appraisals and show you the prices of properties which have recently sold.

If you are ever searching for area specific insights to compare and understand better, then take a look at our data hub.

Step three - Consider going exclusive

This should come as no surprise, but instead of putting your eggs in too many baskets, it's always better to keep all your eggs in one basket as an exclusive property has more eyes on it as well as a higher reach.


Exclusivity also ensures your property is marketed with one message and in one specific way. This will avoid the potential of a multitude of differing adverts of your property, some of which can even display a different asking price than you had agreed with your broker. Yes, this can happen.

Step four: Market your property well

Marketing, marketing, marketing.

As the world is constantly changing and is moving on digital platforms, it's always good to have your property on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the others - it's quite hard to keep up!

Here’s what’s great for you - We at Allsopp & Allsopp put a lot of time and money into the marketing of your property. We can take professional pictures, do 3D tours and select property video tours which will be boosted on our social media channels. We will conduct dedicated team call out sessions, email and SMS communication with our buyers.

So, this will help your property stand out in the crowd!

Step five: Get ready for those viewings!

It's crucial to have your home swept and cleaned before presenting them to potential clients as a staged home is more likely to appeal to buyers than an unclean home. Plus - it could help your negotiation power too!


Tell us what it is that you love about the home! Perhaps it’s the sunset view from the balcony or the sunrise over your garden whilst you’re drinking your morning coffee. Our brokers can relay this message to potential buyers and point out aspects that are not obvious to the naked eye but could be a swaying point for a buyer.

And if you need help staging your home, we’ll help you stage your home on a budget and guide you on the dos and don’ts too!

Here are a few things to ask yourself that a buyer may look at - we suggest getting them out of the way before!

Does the property have strong security measures set in place?

Such as CCTVs, security guards, and gates?

Are there electrical sockets around the house?

Is there a gas line or connection?

Are all the plumbing and piping lines working correctly?

What amenities are part of the house/community? Pool, gym, sauna, steam, etc?

Does the property have basic fixtures and fittings in place?

Does anything require fixing or repainting?

Does the property have an open-space with natural light?

How many parking spaces?

Is the property pet friendly?

Is the neighbourhood convenient to other places in the city, and is there a public transport line?

Once these boxes are ticked, you’re surely on your way to a great sale!

Step six: Get those negotiations in order!

Once your viewing is a hit and those videos of your property are up on our social channels - Your broker will start to bring offers from prospective buyers to you.

This is another point where having a very good relationship with the broker is key because you can use information from past viewings, take feedback, find similar property sales and an array of data points that will help you come to a decision on your pricing.

Once a verbal agreement is made, both you and the buyer will enter into the contract stage, and this process will be led by your broker from Allsopp & Allsopp.

Not sure how the process works?

Step seven: Sales progression - the final step!

The Allsopp & Allsopp in-house sales progression team will be with you every step of the way to ease you through the sale process and make it as seamless as possible from start to finish. The No Objections Certificate (NOC) from the developer right through to the transfer. They coordinate between you as a seller, the buyer, the developer and the banks involved. With all the experience they have gathered over the years they are extremely proactive and know the process inside out. Your sales progressor will make sure all of your documents are in order before beginning the process in order to avoid delays.

And voila - your sale is done!

Got doubts?

If you’re still in two minds about your sale - consider looking into short-term rentals as a passive income.

Did you know that short-term rentals give you the flexibility of a monthly contract - although, you cannot rent a short-term property for longer than six months! We understand that sometimes you might not want to part ways with your investment while selling still looks like an appealing option.


We hope this guide was helpful but if you have a mortgage and aren’t sure how you can process your sale then speak to your agent or get in touch with our Head of Sales Progression; Jess Stephenson!

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