Checklist for sellers: Things to consider before listing your property?

Checklist for sellers: Things to consider before listing your property?

Monday 31 July 2023Wed 16 Feb
Checklist for sellers: Things to consider before listing your property?

Selling your home can certainly be an exciting and thrilling experience, as you’re about to go on an exciting journey into the world of Dubai’s real estate market.

And trust us, after numerous open-houses, listings, buyers, sellers and feedback - we know just what buyers are looking for!

So, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, here are some essential things to consider before selling your house!

Market research:

We recommend studying up in advance, what key areas are trending, what are buyers searching for and what are some of the current market trends?

You could do so by taking a look at property market reports, or check out our data hub to get in-depth insights on how different communities are priced and performing.

Property valuation:

Get a professional property appraisal or conduct a comparative market analysis to determine the fair market value of your property. Setting the right price is crucial for attracting potential buyers and maximising your returns. You could book yours with Allsopp & Allsopp.

Hire a real estate agent:

It's crucial to have a real estate agent, who’s specialising in your area to help you with your sale. Not only will they have the knowledge of the community, they'll also have a roster of buyers searching for homes in those communities.

Consider going exclusive:

Now that you’ve hired a realtor, we suggest going exclusive and here’s why!

Revamp and maintain your home:

Before listing, remember that a first impression lasts forever. So, to make that first impression last, and ensure your home doesn’t have any maintenance issues. Check out our guide to staging your home on a budget.

Here’s a few things to look out for when revamping your home:

  • Check your entrance and see if the door needs any fixtures
  • Redo some paintwork if needed
  • Check up on your garden. Make sure the grass is cut and consider adding some plants depending on the space
  • Ensure there are no leakages, or electrical issues.

Market your home!:

Align with your agent on how you’re going to be marketing your property. Did you know that with Allsopp & Allsopp, you’d have an in-house marketing agency working 360 to have your property be seen on every corner!

Get that mortgage sorted:

If you have a pre-existing mortgage, but still want to go ahead on your sale, get in touch with our mortgage experts.

Or check out our guide to sales progression for your next sale.

Why go exclusive with Allsopp & Allsopp for your next sale?

Proven Dubai sales experience:

Our talented agents are community experts with 15 years of experience in the Dubai property market, helping landlords/sellers to get the best returns from their sales.

Professional marketing support:

Our in-house marketing team creates professional video and photography assets that showcase your property in the best possible light, ensuring maximum exposure across social/digital channels. Targeted marketing campaigns will place your property in front of more qualified tenants looking for similar properties than anyone else.

We’ll take care of it all:

Our heroes in our property management team will ensure no time is wasted in helping your new buyers move-in, from Ejari to DEWA - we’ll assist you with it all.

Keen to know more?

Get in touch with our sales experts to help you sell your next home! But if it's a reverse mortgage you’re after, get in touch with our mortgage experts!

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