Top residential areas in Dubai to invest in if you’re planning to flip!

Top residential areas in Dubai to invest in if you’re planning to flip!

Wednesday 07 June 2023Wed 16 Feb
Top residential areas in Dubai to invest in if you’re planning to flip!

Planning a flip? Not sure about it?

If you’re an investor or already hold a property in Dubai - Wait! We know just how you could make some extra income on the side through your current property. Consider a flip!

Did you know short-term rentals are up by 30%? Better yet, did you know Dubai’s rental market has seen an increase in transaction volume of 16.4% compared to last year? Trust us, the rental market currently stands as a gold mine for investors and you can harness it if you consider flipping!

If you flip your property into something active tenants are searching for, not only can you keep your price point higher but also the value for your property in the long-term can consistently stay high, hence offering you an overall high return on investment.

Or else, if you’ve got an investment on your mind - we certainly recommend these top residential areas in Dubai to invest in, and to flip!

So, let’s get right into it…

Downtown Dubai

The world’s tallest tower and the world’s largest mall both sit under the same sky in the same residential area in Dubai. And, here’s why you should consider Downtown Dubai as an investment…

Downtown Dubai has a mix-range of studios going to three-bedroom apartments which are mostly serviced or pre-furnished, the best part is that all the apartments in Downtown have incredible amenities and not to mention - killer views!

Not only is Downtown home to the world’s famous landmarks but also has a ton of restaurants, high resale value and an incredible return on investment. Investors can expect rental yields ranging from 6-8%. Now, that’s a great deal.

Downtown Dubai apart from being a sought-after community, also has chic apartments which are usually occupied by working individuals or young couples and this crowd is mostly searching for convenience, so if you’ve flipped an apartment to meet the city’s design standards, there’s no doubt why the crowd wouldn’t be swooning for your house.

Take a look at some of the live listings in Downtown Dubai.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

JVC is an up and coming residential area in Dubai. JVC throughout Q1 2023 has been ruling as it has been the most sought-after community. JVC is also home to many skyscrapers and villas being a small community within itself. There are multiple five-star hotels, retail outlets, and restaurants around. Apartments start at studios going till three-bedrooms while villas have two-bedrooms to five-bedrooms.

Majority of the homes in JVC come unfurnished unless pre-owned or previously furnished. JVC’s apartments have great amenities such as pools, gyms and courts, not to mention the community is abundant in parks and nature - being perfect for those who enjoy outdoor workouts, sports or are just looking for their daily dose of Vitamin D.

At present, after Q1 2023’s performance JVC is ruling the charts and is highly sought-after, so the community currently has a great return on investment, lots of tenants searching for ready-to-move-in homes and not to mention, a high resale value. Rental yields in JVC currently range from 5-7% depending on an apartment on villa.

JVC is one of the top residential areas in Dubai and is home to individuals, families and young couples, it as schools, nurseries, gyms, leisure spots, and is directly connected to Al Khail Road and Al Fay Road providing easy access to the city centre and has its own metro station - directly connected to majority of the residences and Dubai Mall.

Take a look at some of the live listings in Jumeirah Village Circle.

Business Bay

Business Bay sits right beside Downtown Dubai and has breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa. It's in the heart of the city and is home to tall skyscrapers and multiple commercial buildings.

This urban district is ruling as one of the top residential areas in Dubai and has apartments ranging from studios to four-bedroom apartments with these apartments mainly being located in branded residences or significantly newer towers. There are great amenities such as gyms, pools, spa and saunas with private parking bays. Majority of the apartments have been pre-furnished but are older style furnishings which I’m pretty sure most of us aren’t interested in - So flip it.

Business Bay for years at last was ruling the market as the top residential area in Dubai month-on-month, but in Q1 - 2023 was trumped from first place by JVC. Although as it is located centrally it is a thriving business hub, hosting a mix of local and international companies across various sectors, including finance, technology, media, and hospitality. The district's impressive business environment, advanced infrastructure, and modern amenities attract investors looking to establish or expand their businesses in Dubai.

Business Bay’s rental yield ranges from 5-6%, while return on investment stays high consistently. The community sits centrally and has easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. Business Bay is also minutes away from several different educational institutes and has its own metro station.

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

JLT is one of Dubai’s most hip and vibrant communities, from eateries to night-life - JLT has been one of the top residential areas in Dubai since it opened. It's a constant scene running throughout the day and it's definitely a place for families, young adults and couples because there’s always something new for someone!

JLT is divided by three lakes and has clusters which are alphabetically divided. There are 67 different buildings ranging from residential and commercial properties with studios going up to four-bedrooms, with buildings offering basic to high-end amenities depending on the tower. JLT has a strip of retail outlets, restaurants, spas and nurseries below each cluster and is home to many hotels and three different higher-education universities. Now that’s a community. The community has majorly pre-furnished or serviced apartments so flipping it would be easier, as you wouldn’t have to start from the complete beginning but rather pick up from where you left off.

JLT continues being one of the top residential areas in Dubai and ruling the market, with rental yields between 7-8%, they are one of the highest in Dubai. As JLT is an extremely vibrant and urban community, people are always searching for homes there and it's extremely conveniently located - direct access to Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Khail Road and has two metro stations as well with direct tram access.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a stunning man-made waterfront development that has captured the attention of both residents and tourists since its opening. The community is abundant in activities and is a favourite amongst the younger generation. The two-mile stretch of the Marina is lined with an impressive mix of high-rise buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment options, making it one of the most popular and sought-after destinations in Dubai.

Dubai Marina has over 200 skyscrapers and residential buildings, including some of the tallest structures in Dubai, this is one of the top residential areas in Dubai and offers a range of property options such as studios going up to five-bedrooms. From luxurious skyscrapers to towering apartments, Dubai Marina offers a wide range of condos that all provide unobstructed views of the marina, providing a tranquil and serene environment to relax and unwind.

The apartments are mostly furnished or fully-equipped, so if you are considering gutting it all out for a complete remodel, it might round you up a little higher but Marina is always in demand - so flipping it can open doors for you. The community has a great return on investment that is consistently climbing with a high resale value too.

Marina has some of the highest rental yields in the city ranging from 6-8%. As Marina is consistently in demand by young adults, couples and growing families, the community also has a great deal of convenience with the Dubai Marina Mall, a metro station and multiple tram connections. It provides direct access to Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Sufouh Road.

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