Dubai ranks third in the world’s top cities!

Dubai ranks third in the world’s top cities!

Monday 12 June 2023Wed 16 Feb
Dubai ranks third in the world’s top cities!

Dubai has been ruling the tourism charts since 2009 when the city revolutionised itself, welcoming the world’s tallest tower, star-studded skyscrapers, the world’s largest mall and becoming home to some of the world’s biggest record breakers.

And that’s just the beginning, Dubai now in 2023, is home to the world’s tallest towers, yes we said towers and also one of the first to incorporate AI into their systems. Again, we’ve cut it short but Dubai has turned itself into a dreamy city that’s almost on every single person’s radar to be at.

So, would it really be a surprise if we tell you it ranked third in the world’s top cities? I mean, we’d be surprised it didn’t rank first, but after being awarded TripAdvisor’s number one tourist destination for 2023, it's a given.

The ranking was given amongst The Economist, and apart from hosting world-class museums, top spots, tallest buildings and incredible nightlife - Dubai really topped the list and beat out the world’s best cities such as London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney, Johannesburg and Paris over just four small categories.

How impressive is that?

The Economist’s top four categories were - population, economic growth, office vacancies and house prices. To create an overall score, each city was ranked based on how it performed on these measures, over the last three years.

Miami claimed the top spot, thanks to its strong economic growth and perky property market, where real house prices leapt by 39.5% from 2019 to 2022.

Singapore ranked second and Dubai came in third, with a strong population jump of 5.8% in the past three years. New York came in fourth place, followed by London, Tokyo, Sydney, Johannesburg, Paris and San Francisco in 10th spot.

While London and New York have been seeing a bustling real estate market for years now, such as high-rises overlooking the Central Park or in Mayfair - Dubai also ranked high because the real estate market has been performing brilliantly in 2023, take a look at our May report - if you don’t believe us, the numbers say it all.

And when it comes to safety, Dubai also took the crown away as it was voted one of the safest cities, being a family-friendly place for those planning to settle down or call Dubai their new home.

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